Global Communication Strategies

Create interactive content and choose the best delivery medium. Have a strategy for pre-meeting, during the meeting, and post-meeting plan.

face to face solutions
Through our interactive meeting facilitation, we create dynamic, engaging round table meetings where your participants interact with you and their peers. Sites are inspired to work in partnership with you.

Virtual Solutions

Online Solutions to engage and train your learners without travel! Track your participant’s retention of information and attendance.

Online Learning Modules
Video Training

team building workshops
“Thanks, TRC. I loved your ‘show!’ All of it….Not only well done, but very useful, entertaining, memorable and it was a real crowd pleaser!”

Topics Include:
Conflict Resolution
Communication Skills
Effective Question Asking
Public Speaking

content development
Think about what your learners need to hear…not what you want to say!

Use images, videos, & activities to engage all three learning styles!

meeting logistics
It doesn’t matter how great the content is…if people don’t arrive, you’re meeting can’t happen!

study specific websites
Do your sites have too much to manage and too many places to go for information? Give sites one location…period!

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Multi-Media Programs

A unique first impression makes a world of difference. Our inspirational videos and enticement modules get participants passionate about your study! Bring it back to the “why!”


And we do so much more…

We’ve done it! It works.

Yes, by recruiting early we are closing the study 5 months early, saving well over 1 million dollars!

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